Inspirational Anecdotes

As human beings all of us are same. We have the same faculties and features. But what set us all apart are our actions.

Over the course of history numerous men lived but not all of them are remembered. Those that we remember had either done impossible feats themselves or had been an inspiration for their followers who did the rest.  

Basically some men wrote things worth remembering and some men did things worth writing. Thus legacies lived on.

To put things into perspective, Bhutan is a small dot on the world map. Many don’t even know that Bhutan exists but we do and do it in style. Having read so far on turbulence of imperialism and force of geopolitics, with our army and economy we could not have stood a chance of survival but we did.

We have not just survived but thrived so far, thanks to our leadership, our majesties. Our monarchy is relatively young but dynamic. We have such other leaders of men whom we entrust our faith, love and respect. Not because we have to but because we feel it from within.

How does this feeling from within happen? It is called the “virtuous cycle of inspiration.”

Economically we may not boast of abundance but inspiration we are not poor. K4 is an epitome of inspiration. Generations from now, people will hardly believe, such a king walked the face of earth in flesh and blood. A king who left the grandiose of the palace to lead his armies on the leech infested frontlines. Only historical Ashoka performed this feat in the recent history. Thousands were sent into musing.

K5 the fifth dragon king is no less. During my convocation we were five thousand or more graduates remotely hoping for a regal photograph with the king. The university officials only planned for a group photograph and rightly so. But king being king, handing over the first honors called for the photographer. The crowd broke into a frenzy applaud. King wanted to grant each graduate an opportunity to get photographed alongside him.

This was the critical moment in the lives of these graduates. No grander icing on the cake of lifetime achievement than the king posing for you. As is said, “five thousand of us” and the king is still doing the honors. It started at around 10 AM and continued till 5 PM without even lunch, save few breathers. At the end K5 proclaimed “Do you think I am tired, I’m not, and in fact I am happy for your achievements”. My skin bristled, I got goose bumps. Not on earth, standing for seven or more hours, shaking five thousand hands, posing for so many clicks and still not tired. More inspiring were his final words, “You work hard and I will work ten times harder”. This he already proved it. I came back with nothing but INSPIRATION.

Here is another anecdote from my recent encounter with My Dasho. We put up in our office transit camp and had the fortune to dine together. One day I was late for lunch attending official duties. I got a call from my friend back at the transit camp that Dasho would not eat before I reached. I said I would be late and the team to go ahead with lunch. I again got a call saying that they were waiting for me. For a moment I was baffled. Then I told the driver to accelerate. When we reached the camp, AG and senior officials were seriously waiting for me, the junior most officer in the group. I was awestruck. I did not believe my eyes. There on the dining table I said to myself, “anything for you my DASHO”.

Inspirations such as these keep you alive and give you a sense of direction. These divine forces are etched forever in the heart of the humanity. We need inspiration to do better and not settle for mediocrity.   


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