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Inspirational Anecdotes

As human beings all of us are same. We have the same faculties and features. But what set us all apart are our actions.
Over the course of history numerous men lived but not all of them are remembered. Those that we remember had either done impossible feats themselves or had been an inspiration for their followers who did the rest.  
Basically some men wrote things worth remembering and some men did things worth writing. Thus legacies lived on.
To put things into perspective, Bhutan is a small dot on the world map. Many don’t even know that Bhutan exists but we do and do it in style. Having read so far on turbulence of imperialism and force of geopolitics, with our army and economy we could not have stood a chance of survival but we did.
We have not just survived but thrived so far, thanks to our leadership, our majesties. Our monarchy is relatively young but dynamic. We have such other leaders of men whom we entrust our faith, love and respect. Not because we have to but because we feel…

An Analogy of life

Once upon a time, there was a man called Milue in a hamlet called Jigten. He was a humble man blessed with good health, adequate fortune and a happy family. One auspicious day he decided to go on a pilgrimage to a sacred place called Shamzur which is perched on a cliff. He started to hitch a hike. Mid way through the journey, he stumbled on a piece of rock and fell. He fell off the cliff.
As he fell he shouted Lama Kheno (oh my lama, similar to oh my god)! Thinking that was the end. But miraculously his frantic hands caught hold of a bunch of grass. That was the critical juncture in his life. In that moment a lot of emotions and thoughts exploded in his head. Most prominent feeling was despair and helplessness. All he could see below was a huge ravine with razor sharp rocks. If he fell, he could be ripped apart. Fearing for his life he tightened his grip on the bunch of grass.
As he gleaned around, he saw a huge abandoned bee hive dripping with honey, right under his nose. Instinctually…