Reminiscing Independence Day 2014; Reproduction of my speech to Hon'ble CAG of India

Good morning!!! Honorable CAG of India Mr. Shashi Kant Sharma and Mrs. Sharma, DG of the national academy Mr. L.V Sudhir Kumar and Mrs. Kumar, Senior officers, fellow Officer trainees, Ladies and Gentlemen.

First of all, let me take this opportunity to congratulate the CAG and the IA&AD for securing the berth on the UN board of Auditors once again. Congratulations sir! 

Well! Today I speak with conviction that experiences that we gained during the course of the training are of three classes. Within the academy we were exposed to sessions directly related to our work, that is auditing and accounting and its contemporary issues. 

Attachments with institutions like NIPFP and IIM broadened our perspectives on how policies impact the common people and functioning of an economy. We were exposed to fundamentals of taxation, PPP and various special purpose schemes. We could also appreciate how issues in design of schemes could lead to undesirable outcomes and as auditors, how we can improve the overall system of governance by providing constructive reviews.

Visiting treasury offices bridged the missing link between government accounting sessions and practical procedures in the field.  Further, a week-long trekking program brought us all humanely close together. We realized how we could achieve common goals by merely sticking together as a cohesive unit.

If all these exercises were to groom future leaders, I have a strong feeling we are moving towards that direction. For that, we would like to thank DG sir, directors and all the staff of the academy. Thank you for making everything possible!

Last but not the least; it was on this day in 1947 that the people of India have celebrated their political independence. But today on the solemn occasion of the Independence Day, as an outside observer I can safely claim that India is not just celebrating political independence but also progress & leadership on many fronts at the global level.  

So, on behalf of His majesty the king, Royal government of Bhutan and Royal Audit Authority in particular and people of Bhutan, I would like to express our heartiest felicitations on the occasion of the Independence day! Happy Independence day!

Thank you!


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