A Personal Note, A Reflection

Dear Sir, 

Hope this note finds you in good spirits, knowing fully well you would  not be settled as yet. Should this trigger homesickness, it's  not intended. Otherwise work is going good here.

I know in life nothing lasts long, not even our troubles. Fleeting still was our time together but bumping into you was one of the best things that had ever happened in my professional life, so far.

As you go away I have mixed feelings. Sad, because I can no more have your guidance, happy because you are going for good. You are going to a place which is still a dream to many. Deep within I think you are going to a place where you belong. Such a professional gentleman, deserve a professional place to work. May Norwegians treat you good!

Not very far in the past, when I was a probationer, one very common feeling was intimidation. But entrusting on assignments independently an inexperienced probationer, only you could have done it. It still rings in my ears, when you said, “I am taking a risk, and you better conduct like an officer”. I don’t know if I have done justice to your expectations. The fact is, young people needed such support and blind-trust.

The day we departed you said, “Work has to be our inspiration”. You said this, only this time, but the whole time in office you lived by it. I remember us driving home late, seldom me and always you. Your exceptional professionalism separated you from the rest. I always liked to emulate your ways but often unsuccessfully. The maxim “good begets good” is quite right. Today good is after you.

A person dynamic in thought, diligent in action and ethically upright. A young officer needed a model and I saw the perfect (discounting human imperfections) person in you. Every ship in the vast sea, looks up to the north star for direction. You were my north star, today I rue the loss! Four years running, I don’t remember a day I doubted your ways. Yours sincerely!

Life has its own ways; gathering and departing are some of them. Life goes on but some people leave an indelible mark on your memory lane that refuses to fade.

On June 5,2015, Near Banquet Hall at 3:54 pm during tea break of the Conference
On August 11, 2015; Your Last Day in Office at 2:55 pm moments before you left

You used to say “together we can change the way we conduct things”. You also said you liked young officers, because “they are receptive to change”. You were right fourth year of focus we managed to get the harvests. People started talking about CFID, there was something that sparked people to talk. 

To a man with conviction and dedication, success is not a remote ideal. At this juncture all I can do is wish you get bountiful opportunities; there is no doubt that you can’t do it. Because earth is round and Bhutan is a small place, I will definitely catch up with you. 

Some men leave legacies while some leave mere footprints. I will let you imagine which class I have put you in.

Although I would like you to be back with us but in style you would sign off one day. That day has to be one day too and today is also one of them.

To conclude, I got some this favorite phrase of mine, from one of my best movies, “Some birds are never meant to be caged”, because their wings are too beautiful.

Until next time, signing off with happy heart!

Sincerely Yours


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