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A Personal Note, A Reflection


Reminiscing Independence Day 2014; Reproduction of my speech to Hon'ble CAG of India

Substantive Gender Equity; A perspective.

It is easy in this century to be a man. But it is way too difficult to be a woman. You have to think like a man, act like a gentle lady, look like a young girl and work like a donkey. And worse is you don’t get paid for almost everything you do. Only thing that she gets at the end of the day is sense of relief that she could perform the roles. Nothing else! Sometimes not even a pat on the back. How inhuman? Hypocritical human beings!
Societies so far has discriminated women based on their sex being the inferior of the two. Therefore in every society we see even the professions are divided based on gender. If somebody says the surgeon in that lab is good, in our head it is a man. And if people say that nurse is rude, we visualize a woman. We are conditioned that way. But now people challenge these conventions.
People have started this movement against gender discrimination, since late nineties. Virginia Woolf in 1941 in her book “Room of one’s Own”, rues at the absence of books by women …