Thank you Mongar; A letter of gratitude to a cohesive community

Dear all,

The nightmares that befall my family are almost over. At least so, should I think? Because this is how life is and we have to move on. I still can’t believe it happened. But this is inevitable. Everyone must meet the same fate. It left a huge void that nothing can fill. Visiting that empty space in the heart I feel terrible. One month passed without her and it feels like years on end. But we will let go, for she should be reborn amongst beings in higher realms or at least amongst us because I feel we have unexpressed feelings, unsaid words and unfinished business.

When this misfortune struck us, I felt we would be in the dark all alone. But I was wrong, help and support came from all corners. How I wish I could repay your helping hands and words? It meant so much for me and my family in the testing of times. It was overwhelming to know that sense of community is stronger than I have ever imagined in Mongar.

I have reached the place only days later but by then everything is in great order. Even after my arrival the support have been unprecedented, for all of these I am immensely grateful to; Kadam rimpoche and his zhelops, Kilikhar shedra and dzongkhag rabdey for all the blessings and sungchoes. Dasho dzongda and his administration, DEO sir and his department, Mongar Regional Referral Hospital and its staff, Mongar lower secondary school and its teachers, Mongar Higher secondary school and teachers,  business community of Mongar town, parents of school children, throema tshogpa of Mongar, neighbors at MLSS teachers colony, friends and relatives from all over the places. You held my hands, you tucked my heavy heart, you lessened my sorrows and above all you lighted my dark world. 

Today only thing I can do is look back and be glad that on the longest and most difficult journey of my life you all were there for me. Such tragedies may not happen to everyone but everyone who undergoes such situations may not be as fortunate as us to benefit from such a cohesive community. If not for your sincere help and unwavering support, we would not have conducted the rites and rituals as expected. 

I wish I could rip out my heart to show you how humbled I am. But then in reality only thing that I can do right now is offer these hollow words, albeit sincere. It’s unrealistic if I say I know all of you who have come to my rescue by name but I remember all of you by your face and where you work. Now I am praying that in life let me cross your path and I be of some help to all of you. I owe you so much more. 

I remember the cash you have contributed. I know kinds you have delivered. I remember flags you have hoisted. I remember butter lamps you have made and lit. I remember calls you have made. I remember cars you have given. I remember your endurance in smoke to cook. I remember servings that you have done. If not for your contributions, stories would have been totally different. My family will remember these till the end. These memories will seat deep in our hearts. In time I wish we will repay these well-intended acts of kindness in full with love.

Today as I think and brood over the unimaginable loss in my life, in the confines of my hostel room, my heart murmurs with the gratefulness to all the people who came together and lightened up the darkness. My grievance shied away thinking about the immense support and gewa that we could together perform. Should the departed soul look back from dead, she must be glad at what we together did. 

49 day rituals are yet to be conducted and I have no doubt teacher colleagues and neighbors will see it through. 

Today I sign off with a grateful heart with a hope to see you all in a months’ time.

Namgay Wangchuk


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