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Mystery called Happiness; a book review

Pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human right. We seem to be only pursuing it and don’t get it. We thought pursuit of wealth; fame and pleasures are equivalent to happiness. But that’s wrong, because we are not happy even after having all of it. Why? The answer is not so easy. It may be evolutionary or philosophical. Russell organized his view on happiness in his book “Conquest of happiness”.
Russell reasons out in most logical and simple ways about happiness. Although it was written in the 1930’s, it is still relevant to the conditions of modern life. Happiness is the ultimate quest of mankind and it will remain as relevant as ever, may be even hundreds of years later.
People from all the walks of life need to read it, since humanity is actually plagued with the disease of unhappiness. Although Mr. Russell declares that it is not for the learned. He made this idea of happiness appear so simple that people can actually develop a taste for it having read it. He uses day to day example…