Everyone is special in our own right....

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There is saying in Bhutanese, which says; if a fox jumps where the tigers jump, it will only end up in back-break for the fox. There is no such thing as being  another person all your life. Or living other peoples dreams. It is simply because we are all unique in our own ways. No person can be a replica of somebody else.

You may not be as famous as Barack Obama, you may not be as beautiful as Cleopatra but you are unique. It's in respecting, embracing and celebrating your uniqueness that you become truly yourself.

Comparison is a devilish exercise which has no wisdom.  I am definitely not in for it. Why do we compare with each other and feel discontent or better for that matter? As children we came from different parents. We were brought up in different backgrounds and circumstances. Some parents are educated some are not. Some are rich while some are poor, for whatever reasons it may be. In fact even our genes are coded very differently. Therefore there is no basis for comparison at all.

Comparison breeds discontent, jealousy and materialistic pride. Its not healthy to compare. Just because you don't compare doesn't mean you have no knowledge of your abilities.
Being true to yourself is the answer. You know what you are capable of, you know your worst fears. You only can intrinsically define what it means by I didn't give 100%. Nobody else knows. Just compare against your true potentials. Just see how far you can go with the given level of resources that you legitimately have, it can be intelligence, money or friends. It can be in family life, professional career or at the academics.
If you are born to a decent family, there's nothing that you can do about it. But if you raise an unhappy family that's your fault.

As a reasonable human being, I see humanity plagued with the problem of comparison. Nations comparing on the basis of their nuclear might. Companies comparing their annual returns. Families comparing the items on their dinning tables. Children comparing their outfits. In the final analysis only few are happy and many are discontent and sad. Actually nobody wishes to be sad.

Literally speaking, we don't have fair and same starting lines. When we have different starting point, how can we reasonably expect to reach the same destination. That's a biased assessment.
If you don't like where you are, move! you are not a tree. If you can't run, walk. If you can't walk,  just crawl, come whatever may, keep moving. Keep moving and you will know where your gas tank can take you at the most.

Bill gates was a school drop out, Steve job's didn't complete college but if u drop out that will be a different story.

If we agree that the purpose of life is to attain our full potential and deliver it. We cannot do it by comparison. If you compete with another human being you may just beat him but you may not attain your  true potentials. You may still feel I didn't give 100% but you may have pride of beating somebody that you compare with. But short of what you can still do. If you have given everything in you and still cant compete with the rest, that was your full potential again you can't help.

In fact there cannot be comparison between contemporaries, generations, countries, companies and even between siblings. Just for the simple reason that we are all unique individuals that compose companies, countries and generations. Therefore, comparison doesn't work. If you still feel I am wrong, you may be right because you are a different person altogether
.  HA ha ha!


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