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When Change is permanent!


World is full of suffering, all compounded phenomena are transitory, change is the only permanent thing and uncertainty is the only thing we are certain of. Sunday, June the 24th, at around 4:30 pm I saw a revelation of a great truth; all creations are mere illusions like a rainbow. The majestic Wangdiphodrang dzong, about 374 years old is razed to the ground in approximately 5 hours. We built and rebuilt only to be consumed by the fury of nature and then rebuilt all over again. Had Buddha been alive around old Bajo bazar, he would have been glad because the truth is revealed but sad at the sight that people are shocked still, even after he revealed the truth some 2500 years ago.
Had we realized this truth that everything is ephemeral, we would not have bothered to have built in the first place. I also couldn’t believe my eyes when the trailer was telecast, from a majestic structure to start of the fire at one end to half burnt to all being charred and ultimately the so called …