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From my experience so far, I have made some observations. I would badly like to share it. My observations are ironical, non-conventional and funny. Some may find it even weird but they are true to the extent of my knowledge, experience and observation. Here I do not have any logical sequence and this is a jumbled-up presentation.
Hardcore criminals in federal prisons break down when jail gates are flung open. This is quite unusual but true.  This happens because they are released either when they are gray haired or when they no longer want to join the so called civilized society. After years of vehement pleas to prove harmless to the society, they lose hope of escape when rejected time and again by the review panels. With no hopes of escape and when you are truly adapted to prison life, release order comes crashing like an undesired piece of information.  This also can be a sign of wisdom. Years of confinement and loneliness could have weathered the criminal traits. What we call the civilized society is also another form of imprisonment. They must be wise enough not to escape one form of prison to enter another form of confinement, therefore they breakdown.
Our world is a little disoriented in everything. There are ironies even in anatomical things like diseases. For instance diabetes is a problem of high blood sugar. Diabetes has many types and definitions but here I refer to all in general. It is when insulin is less or inactive, that the glucose metabolism is reduced. As a dietary solution patients are advised to refrain from rich food. This is also called a disease of the rich because it afflicts those who have a lot to eat and are more obese particularly in Bhutan. The rich have enough to eat but diabetes holds them from eating.
TB is a disease caused by a mycobacterium. Usually people with weak immune systems contact the disease. Immune system and other bodily functions deteriorate when there is insufficient nourishment that is why TB is often referred to as the disease of the poor. As a curative measure you are advised to eat good food which is not within the reach of the poor.
Experience is a comb that nature gives us when we are bald. You learn a lesson but don’t have circumstances repeating. Lessons taught by past are irrelevant at present and future is uncertain. You can’t kid with life, so take every minute in life seriously.
Concept of time is relative. One hour is different to different people and in different circumstances. It’s is very long, especially when you have to wait on the Ura- Mongar empty high way on a windy autumn day but too short when you write an easy exam paper. I second Albert Einstein for his theory of relativity.
Happiness is a living butterfly. Do you think rich people are happy? They are the people who chase after happiness which is constantly on the move. You can’t catch something by running after it especially when it is on the move. Rich people run in the opposite direction to that butterfly. It only widens the gap and you never reach out to it. If you truly have to have it, stop somewhere and it might land on you. Sometimes doing nothing can be the best policy option.
Logic is an interesting pattern of mental abstracts. But Logicians are blinded when reasons fail. You know that when reason fails, your gut tells you it is still right. When you can’t see, it doesn’t mean it is not there. This is what Buddhist believes in but if you say this to a student of quantum mechanics he’ll laugh back at you. You have to suspend rationality to further your understanding of Buddhist philosophy. Saying this is easy but practically our mind never can accommodate such a change if you don’t turn our attention inward. But writing so I am no authority but I write what I have felt.
Here this way I am trying to dress up my thoughts. Give weight to my opinions and justice to my time thats it nothing more nothing less.


  1. woow good one. You have put up everything so well that i have less words to add here. All the best.

    Good luck in your life brother.

  2. Seems like timeless philosophical talk. Well said, keep it up. I really liked it.

  3. May be life itself is an irony, born to live a heavenly life but sufferings befall like hellish drizzles.
    Interesting post, keep posting.

  4. Acho Kunzang, Sangay and Leo your comments inspire me to write more. So thanks alot! Talking philosophy is a non-sense especially in todays world full of logicians, thats why i presented them in the most awkward and care free way.

  5. Interesting post. Philosophical and very true. Enjoyed reading it. Keep posting.

  6. Thanks for the comment! I will keep posting my whims and fancies.


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