Blogging my Passion!

Blogging has been my passion since the time I started a small blog because I like writing. However my passion could not be manifested consistently due to many excuses that I had to pardon myself with. Whenever I could write down all that I want to, I felt good. But sadly I could not quench my thirst enough. There were many problems, both within my own reach and beyond, that held me back from blogging.

As with all life’s dissatisfaction's, time was reason number one. Time was always insufficient; there was not enough time to blog. As a person in any capacity we have to prioritize things. You always have a wish list but from my own observation the ones close to your heart get the least favor. Blogging is a leisure time activity and it’s the last thing on the list. All those formal things like studies and duty comes first. As for me, after the exams or whenever the sessions are light I get time to blog, meaning I blog in residual time. Therefore due to time insufficiency I had to suppress my passion.

For anything to materialize, we need the right mood. This emotional base is very important to do anything successfully. The mood to blog is when your mind is very receptive and brimmed with ideas, bubbling with articulate expression. You don’t seem to have the right mood whenever you have time. I suspect the mood is destroyed by the formal duties during the day. This mood has something to do with your emotional stability as well. When you have mood you don’t have time and when you have sometime you don’t have the right mood.

There’s another scenario in which you can’t blog. Here you have the time and the right mood but you don’t have the computer. Or even if you have the computer you don’t have internet connection. Thus you can’t blog. An avid blogger has to be a voracious reader. When you read you eat up your time to blog.

This small case scenario reflects the compounded phenomena in which we live. One thing that we consider as a whole is not a whole if we take one element out. Even to just blog you have to have time, right mood and amenities like computer connected with internet. Minus mood; you can’t blog. But this is not to pacify myself with a lame excuse; rather it’s my understanding of this reality. I don’t know if it’s a distorted reality, because I don’t really confide in my understanding always. Somehow I manage to blog sometimes, just like writing about blogging itself ..........ha ha!!!


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