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Ironies, happiness, time,logic and rationality

 From my experience so far, I have made some observations. I would badly like to share it. My observations are ironical, non-conventional and funny. Some may find it even weird but they are true to the extent of my knowledge, experience and observation. Here I do not have any logical sequence and this is a jumbled-up presentation. Hardcore criminals in federal prisons break down when jail gates are flung open. This is quite unusual but true.This happens because they are released either when they are gray haired or when they no longer want to join the so called civilized society. After years of vehement pleas to prove harmless to the society, they lose hope of escape when rejected time and again by the review panels. With no hopes of escape and when you are truly adapted to prison life, release order comes crashing like an undesired piece of information. This also can be a sign of wisdom. Years of confinement and loneliness could have weathered the criminal traits. What we call the ci…

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