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What was the purpose of my years?

For me life is a little bit more stuffed with hard questions and always trying hard for the answers that we seldom find. On one of these trials: a group of us were invited to the Royal Thimphu college purposefully for orienting their newly recruited faculty members on the expectations of the Bhutanese students from their teachers. During the session we were discussing the question of use of education. To say the truth, we were accused that we studied only to get jobs and that's true to the extent possible. The new recruits of RTC said that it was not good because there is more to it than that. To that, my colleague Tshewang said, "before anything, we must meet the basic physiological needs of food, clothes and shelter" first. I seconded him saying that we must talk reality before going to the philosophical aspects of it. I said that until the final year in college I only saw that purpose of my college education was to get me a good job and that's where my wisdom ceas…

Golf course in Shingkhar (GCS): Why I say NO!

One fine afternoon as I went online wanting to update with facebook, I saw a notification about "Government planning to start a Golf course in Shingkhar" posted by Acho Phuntsho. It was just a news. It was neutral but he said we need to think and comment. I thought I could instantly comment and I wrote few lines on the wall but I felt I can better inform people by doing a search than instantly broadcasting my hunch. So, I searched the net for costs and benefits of a golf course for a semi-nomadic village. My search was quite generic and I couldn't get the answer I was looking for, may be a Case study. Later I learnt that officers from the dzongkhag along with the interested parties visited the village for a consultation. I couldn't collect a clear view of what they said then. After a couple of months Dr. Karma Phuntsho a research associate for social anthropology at Cambridge University came up with a petition (…