The regret!

As Bhutan finally unfurled its way towards the form of governance called democracy, as a responsible literate citizen I could not resist my urge to make a bit of contribution. So I made a sincere effort to participate in the process t0 elect the crème-de la-crème to represent the hopes and dreams of the people. But 2.5 years into running I am still hopeful that some auspicious day I can confirm that they are there breathing; sadly this auspicious day never seem to come…and I am waiting still….
In the winter of 2007 I have travelled all the way from Sherubtse College in kanglung to Tsirang to catch up with the election of the NC from Tsirang dzongkhag. I made my decision based on what the media said and on my personal enquiries. I voted for the candidate whom I thought would be better compared the other candidate in terms of experience and qualifications. I can still remember that sunny winter day when I decided the fate of the franchise that I was gifted from the throne like every other fortunate citizen of the country. I did what I was supposed to do.
After two and half years of election to office I was a little disheartened for the fact that the people whom I have confided to represent me and our people never seem to take responsibility. And now when I happen to see them in the live broadcast sessions like a huge heap of buffalo dung rooted in the chair, I feel ashamed of myself. It was partially my mistake to vote for them. Due to my studies I couldn’t even attend single manifesto session. But on the other hand it’s their moral responsibility as well to introspect their own credentials before contesting for such a sacred position. This is not a place to appreciate other peoples talk show but a place to sincerely participate. Participate to represent the people who voted you even if you don’t have a shit of your own business. Involve for the future of the nation, we need to get our handsn dirty to build something big. That is not an easy thing , you are the voice that has to raise the minds of thousands of people that you never seem to represent, after making a lot of unreasonable promises.
After a couple of months in the spring of 2008, the general election took place. Sadly I could not partake, however I posted my franchise through the post. This time also I had to vote for the candidate based on the party leadership.  Individually PDP candidate had the experience and qualifications promising for a parliamentarian. I had a concern about the philosophy of the party. The cranes conducted themselves ethically right throughout the campaign and I thought I can give them my sacred confidence, because we need to give demcracy a sincere and ethical start so that we pave way for the future to refer. And as expected the cranes won the right to form the government. But now the individual that I have voted for never raised his voice to my notice. Here is the second blow to the sacred and rare franchise that I have exercised. My vote had just helped to leverage the crane party to take the reigns but failed to represent my hopes and dreams. This triggered a sense of remorse for at all exercising my sacred franchise. It is never too late to learn. And this time I have resolved to take it to the heart.
Come 2013 I have many things to put on the line. I will consider the individual capability and not make a relative judgment. I will vote if he deserves himself otherwise I will never cast my vote. I will never let the regret take the place of hope. Regret is altogether a bad feeling; not good for progress. I have learnt my share of lessons and now its time I make them learn their fair share…!!!


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