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The regret!

As Bhutan finally unfurled its way towards the form of governance called democracy, as a responsible literate citizen I could not resist my urge to make a bit of contribution. So I made a sincere effort to participate in the process t0 elect the crème-de la-crème to represent the hopes and dreams of the people. But 2.5 years into running I am still hopeful that some auspicious day I can confirm that they are there breathing; sadly this auspicious day never seem to come…and I am waiting still…. In the winter of 2007 I have travelled all the way from Sherubtse College in kanglung to Tsirang to catch up with the election of the NC from Tsirang dzongkhag. I made my decision based on what the media said and on my personal enquiries. I voted for the candidate whom I thought would be better compared the other candidate in terms of experience and qualifications. I can still remember that sunny winter day when I decided the fate of the franchise that I was gifted from the throne like every othe…