Human activity motivated by greed is the cause....

Some people believe that the Earth is being harmed (damaged) by human activity. Others feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. What is your opinion? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

We do different things and they yield different results. Global issues are the results of human activities. We have failed to see the long term view for earth. We are of the view that it is right to consume everything that is available. We want speedy growth but that is not right. Starting from industrial revolution to nuclear science; all human activities resulting from greed harms earth. 

All the human activities do not necessarily harm earth but with greed it does. Some activities like finding food, building shelters and having decent clothes are necessary. These activities never harm earth because most of the resources used are regenerating. Even if they are used they grow again.

Industrial revolution is a result of greed. This is a movement that believes in mass production using all possible means just to reduce costs and make abnormal profits.  In the hope of profits they create sweat shops. To reduce costs the health of the employees are compromised.

Human activities have let to increase earths temperature. Global warming is a reality. There are threats of GLOF (Glacial lake outburst flood) in Bhutan and the mountain communities. Floods in Pakistan and low lying areas; recession of coastal areas in Maldives and island countries are consequences of human activity. Human activity based on capitalistic ideals makes world a fragile place to live in.

In the name of security, nations now are in the race to stock up nuclear weapons. But are we shielded against wrath of nature? Nuclear plants in Tokyo added to the devastation of the quake and tsunami. Nuclear energy is a bad idea altogether. World has not harnessed enough of the renewable energy sources available. If uranium storage explodes it can wipe out communities. Scientists say, if something goes wrong with the nuclear waste of the UK the earth can be turned into a blob like a basketball. Now the developed countries are finding it hard to dump nuclear waste.
The social fabric is slowly disintegrating. Now even in Thimphu people do not know their next door neighbor. With nuclear families family values are almost lost. People are no more considerate of their fellow friends.

With the advent of MNC’s the concept of consumerism is sweeping the world over. Growing industries, increased investment in nuclear weapons and above all disintegration of community values leads us more or less to an unsafe world. With the given realities world is no longer a better place to live in. Human activity based on greed is to blame for all the global issues.


  1. First of all, I like the image you picked for this article. The different standards of living is one of the major concerns.

    You have included a lot of important things worth conceiving. For example, along with the consideration of earth and its menaces, you went down to the example of nuclear families.
    As big problems often start as a midget, it is important that we operate on them from where they initiate.

    All in all it is a well furnished article.

    Happy Blogging!

  2. Yea.. may be people liked it ...I wrote it as an assignment for my english paper. But i was surprised to see this in Journalist.But later i knew came to know that editor read followed my blog.
    Thank u for the comment...


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