Hard work is the answer....

“When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.” Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.
Success is a result of hard work. More often than not people say one is lucky to have achieved something, not understanding that someone had been working with determination and purpose. When they say luck they mean a windfall gain out of nowhere, this is not possible. Most of the time people take windfall gains for luck.
When preparation meets opportunity it is called luck. For instance I have been preparing for my exam at the last moment. I could just cover first three chapters but thoroughly. Coincidentally, all the major questions came from that portion that I have covered. Unexpectedly I top the class, a success. This is a result of my preparation hitting the questions. Had I not read the three chapters thoroughly how can I do well. Success is a result of perfectly planned preparation.
An example may help us to understand windfall gain. On the road to the vegetable market you come across a lottery ticket. The next day happened to be the lottery results and you are awestruck to be the owner of the land cruiser winning ticket. This is called windfall gain. It is an achievement that you never thought of. You did not put in any effort to win it. This is not luck.
Hard work and luck go hand in hand. The harder you work the luckier you become. Let’s cite another example. For instance an author comes up with a book after ten years of intensive research. Within a week from publication it tops the best selling list. He becomes a millionaire in a week. It is a huge success. People liked his book because he researched very hard. His hard work made him lucky to be in lime-lights.
Let’s discuss the same example of exams. A hard working student covers all the contents of the course. The questions are all related to what he has studied. The more number of chapters he study the more closer he gets to success. The more he studies the luckier he becomes as a student.
From a simple example of exams to topping the best selling list it is not merely a result of a wind fall gain. They are a result of concerted efforts and keeping the goals close at sight. Hard work and luck are synonymous. People seem to have a wrong view of luck. Luck is a positively correlated to hard work, therefore a hard working person is a lucky person.


  1. absolutely agree with you namgay......God helps only those who help themselves......:)

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  3. I think we share similar interests; I love writing and you are a good blogger. I need more feedbacks to grow. I will join the group as well.


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