The new revival! My new world in RIM

As I came with my luggage and the beddings I saw a man standing at the hostel door with a list. I checked it and there was my name next to the topper and I was placed in room # 101 thats a nice number though.I saw other two in the same room but I knew them all any way. Some six miles south of Thimphu town, here is my heaven for that matter the dream place for every aspiring graduate. This is the place where I need to pull up the remaining portion of the socks, buckle up my loose belts, gain necessary skills and values to face civil service reality. The place for fine tuning my worth.

No sooner I passed out from the college, I thought now my opportunity of formal learning is done with, but now as I enter the class room in RIM I think it is not. I thought my college days are long gone and gone forever. College days have planted the most poigmant of memories in my days so far. That was the most ideal time of my life. Ideal in the sense that I have nobody to say what I must do and what I must not do. I have all the freedom to choose the way I live but within the parameters of the flexible institute norms. In my high school I had more  rigid regulations to follow. Lights off at 10 pm; morning prayer at 5 am and reluctant evening study bell at 4:30 pm in the midst of a nice time out with friends. You tend to have mood in the night to study but no! the councillor shouts from below to put off the lights. You wish you could sleep until day break but no! the ferocious warden will not spare any one. Any way anticipated intentions behind were good. Back to college no one comes to wake you up, no one to forcefully put your lighs off. If you wish you can go until morning light to complete your Thomas Hardy classic. There has to be a space even within the norms. There has to be space for freedom, only then we can expect innovation and growth. Fear is not good for growth. I mean the fear of rules.

I dont understand why I am so attached to football. Since my grade 9 in high school I was into watching the English premier league. I have my favorite players there; then it was Steven Gerrard the liverpoll midfielder. I used to love his bullet kicks. But my favorite club happened to be Arsenal. I have bad memories of being caught by the school principal for crossing the fence and sneeking into the school canteen to watch the match between Arsenal and wigan. But then in college I had the liberty to watch the champions league match which mostly happens after midnight. We used to watch football live till 4 am and still managed to attend the days classes without feeling sleepy.That is what I mean by freedom within the norms. Any way that was my youthful fancy.

There is no such strict rules of the school life that I have to fear. I am not yet married, so no family business.  This intermediate time and the time in the college; the golden days. A rare experience in any mans life. I have it back with my admission here in RIM. I felt like getting back a long lost treasure. Right after college whenever I pass cross the college in Gedu I used to feel a deep sense of loss. A loss of a great time.
The sight of the college campus used to send a feeling of melancholy deep down my spines. But now it is a big relief that I got it back it is like winding the clock back. This is next to impossible and rare to happen.

I had a hell lot of expectations but not necesarily material but more immaterial. Immaterial doesnt mean meaningless, infact as for me so much full of morale. I must say here i have squandered a priceless amount of time while at college. I had a distorted view of freedom. I almost lost my reading habbit. I lost my consistency in academics. I dont have as much satisfaction that I must have at this point in time. This time
I will never fall in the same pit.
 I have everythin to get to my desires right. The excellent hostel life. The hostel food clean and clinical; not very rich. The faculties here are too inspirational, they make me believe that true teachers are the ones who understand the concepts in essence, they never give bookish teaching. They are able to teach effortlessly, just like sharing their life story; I fall in love with that. I donot need to go back to my notes any more I understant them. I have ideal people as my room mates. Not to say more they are the toppers. They are silent, sober and full of values. I can learn many things from my own room. The library facilities are simply excellent with electronic resources like online databases. No point in giving the statistics of number of volumes and publications; all  my efforts may go futile. The computer labs has the state of the art technologies. We have HPx2OLED machines hi-speed broad band in the lab and wireless cconnection within the campus meaning I can write more articles and make my blog a little rich. Internet is 24/7 in RIM.
Classrooms are heated for winter and fanned for summer. Chairs cushioned for comfort. Networked computer with projector attached wiith the ceiling being remote controlled. What more can I ask?. Thats why I said I said in the begining this is the perfect researchers heaven. 
Out of the academics, marks for dancing,singing and playing. GDP as it is refered here, General development program. With its main aim to produce true leaders good in almost everything.
If I come out of this premier institute without my dreams fulfilled then something must be terribly wrong with me!!!


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