Dharma: A study of MYSELF aided by the words of PEACE SAILORS.

As I was reading the book " The heart treasure of the enlightened ones", I felt such a feeling that I was still a child under-developed. Bettering my intellect for last many years and now when I read this book all my view of the world seems to be distorted. All I saw and cared for as mine now is told to be not mine intrinsically. Buddhism is all to do with truth. It first started from 4 noble truth. Whenever I happened to read a buddhist book I tend to get a different view of the world around me. Buddhist books are insightful to read.
 I am nobody to say anything on buddhism because I am also as good as any other guy who is on the path, aweswtruck with the profound truth that this teachings reveal. Sometimes too fearfully naked truth directly related to day to day life I lead.

 Shakespeare once said that "nothing is good or bad thinking makes it so" and this too is said in buddhism that to study buddhism is to study yourself and to study yourself is to study your mind. The mind is like a distrubed colt. The mind is like a monkey. Never stable, never mindful. It is said to be the most lethal than anything. It can concieve good thoughts as well as destructive intentions depending on the type of stimuli that it gets from the environment that it is in. I mean to say this is how my mind is. Clouded by the poisons of the mundane existence, which I tend to take as mine own and like it very much.
After completing the translated version(English) of Patrul Rinpoches "A Discourse virtuous in the begining, middle and end"I happened to get more insight into the futile life that I lead so far. The original phrase reads like these" Thog Tha Bar Sum Du Gyewai Tam". As mentioned in most of the buddhist texts that this age is a decadent age.  The beings are all like the man eating demons, who are all full of agendas, deceitful and greedy. Therefore it is now very hard to trust any body not our own siblings, not even our ideals for they can be deluded.  Rinpoche said that our wandering consciousness was swept along by Karma and we have taken this birth as human being all alone. Without any thing as ours except Karma. Soon we have to leave all things behind and go again alone. Meaning that death is sure to befall. So all that we do is meaningless in essence. What else can we be saying we even dont have the power to take along this body of ours, which we have pampered over the years so dearly.But this doesnt mean human life is totally futile. Dharma is the answer to this philosophical question. The path which Sidhartha the prince who has taken after renouncing the worldy life and realized the truth. Finally when he got enlightened, world has been blessed with the fact that we can actually realize the ultimate goal of being born as a human being.
After having got this precious human life  if we waste the opportunity then it is like going to the land of jewels and returning home empty handed. The characteristics of this decadent age is quite lemantable. It is like entering a rat race. Serving superiors cannot please them enough, looking after inferiors doesnot satisfy them. There is no reciprocity to the care that you give to others. This is infact so true.
These particular lines in the teaching had the most appealing meaning. I am quoting them as they are:
  1.  Hide your body  by staying alone in a mountain wilderness; hide your speech by cutting off contact and saying very little; hide your mind by being continuously aware of your own faults alone. This is what it means to be a hidden yogi;
  2. Disgust, because there is no one to be trusted; Sadness, because there is no meaning in anything; Determination, because there will never be time to get everything that you want;If you always keep these three things in mind some good will come of it.
  3. Even if you die today why be sad? its the way of the Samsara;Even if you live to be a hundred why be glad? Youth will have long since gone;Whether you live or die right now, what does this life matter? Just practice dharma for next life- thats the point.
They are randomly picked from the original publication itself, so it may not be sequential  or exhaustive. I have used them to better express myself. They doesnt mean I have mastered them but its an indication that I have read them and got a spark of motivation, therefore, I am writing here to see how much understanding I have gained from the reading.
This spiritual master called Dza Paltrul Rinpoche was one of the greatest propounders of tibetan buddhism during his time.Another insighful book that he wrote is " Words of my perfect teacher" which is actually the Dharmic teaching that he recieved from his root teacher Jigme Gyalwai  Nyugu. He is said to have written all those teachings recalling everything from his memory. That was his greatness. But as a being he lived a vagabond sort of a life quite similar to the great Yogi Milarepa.
 These are quite inspirational when we read and hear. After reading all these I get to appreciate the type of settings I have in life. A man born to a decent family background; meaning not very bad but not better still. Blessed with a well to do physical form with all faculties alright. In a village blessed by the Great Nyingmapa master Longchen Rabjam. In a country where tantric buddhism is blessed by the Great Guru Rinpoche and still alive in the form of great masters walking flesh and blood.  I get a chance to breath in a complete humble feeling of appreciation. After every reading I get my views broadened but not being able to stay in that state of mindful appreciation is my repentance.  With the critrion stated above I know this body that I have is a precious human body but what use if I dont practice the dharma. Now I am in my mid twenties, I have spent all these years acquiring skills to earn a decent living. Knowingly or unknowingly I have squandered twenty five years of precious life time. When I look back nothing has been in consonance with a good future karma. Thirty minutes of mindful recitation on a daily basis is a big challenge for me. My mind is a real monkey. Never stays in quietude and silence with my body.I am never mindful.
Let me share a story on the back page of a book on meditation by Josep Goldstein. It says that there is a monkey trap in some parts of Asia but I dont know which part. Where a hole is made in a coconut fruit with sweet food inside. The whole just big enough for an open palm of a monkey. The cononut is tied to a tree by a rope. A monkey comes to that coconut and tries to let its hand in and tries to get t he sweet food out. But the whole doesnt let the closed palm out. In his frantic stride to get the food out the hunters arrive but the monkey is trapped not by the trap but by its own attachment to the sweet food. Only thing that it can do is let go of the attachment and take the open palm out. But its attachment is too strong that it is not able to leave the food inside. This for me is a perfect example of how we have been improsoned in this cyclic existence just by our attachment. Only solution is letting go. But that is next to impossible for us. Because we are conditioned to think that way. Now at this point in time how do I let go of everything that I have taken as closely and dearly as mine own. However I am not discouraged either. I am confident that my  small efforts can surely get me to that shore of complete bliss, free of pleasure!!!


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