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Vegetarianism and the unanswered BIG questions...

It was in the year 2007 that I happened to watch a poor quality video documentary  titled " Love and mercy" which aroused my sense of  sadness at the plight of innocent animals brutally killed. This movie showed how animals are slautered at the slaughter houses only to meet the demands of us the flesh eating literate demons.This made me think back on my food habits, which would normally comprise of  flesh of a kind when it is considered special. I always said " may I dedicate all the merits accumulated from past present and future to the sentient beings" in my prayer everyday. When I realised this, it sent a deep feeling of shame because all I was doing was causing harm to them and again I was dedicating merit to them; this is ironically mad. And then I turned veg' only to be falling into the pit after a semester; too bad.  Then I was blind for three years and 2011 was an eye opening moment. I watched It once again and may be because of the good fortune of the …

Eminent Talk series; Democracy and Rule of law by Michael Rutland

It was on the 17th of February  in the late afternoon that we have attended the eminent talk series, a program held often at RIM. For this day the it was his eminence Michael Rutland the erstwhile tutor to the fourth king and a great academician. He was dressed exactly like a true Bhutanese, quite ironical, a western white in a Bhutanese costume. His talks were a proof of the eminence in him. The topic he was to talk on was "Democracy and rule of law".
I usually seem to have a pre-concieved idea of my own self, whenever I attend talk like this. This time also I carried my own impure basket. I expected a talk within the parameters of normalcy, nothing interesting but type of talk which usually made stories on the papers. But when this person started to open his lecture I could not help but to admire his wisdom. Until now I got a feeling that Democracy is perfectly working in Bhutan. Parliamentarians were enacting sensible laws but today I was shown how misled my understanding …

Dharma: A study of MYSELF aided by the words of PEACE SAILORS.

As I was reading the book " The heart treasure of the enlightened ones", I felt such a feeling that I was still a child under-developed. Bettering my intellect for last many years and now when I read this book all my view of the world seems to be distorted. All I saw and cared for as mine now is told to be not mine intrinsically. Buddhism is all to do with truth. It first started from 4 noble truth. Whenever I happened to read a buddhist book I tend to get a different view of the world around me. Buddhist books are insightful to read.  I am nobody to say anything on buddhism because I am also as good as any other guy who is on the path, aweswtruck with the profound truth that this teachings reveal. Sometimes too fearfully naked truth directly related to day to day life I lead.
 Shakespeare once said that "nothing is good or bad thinking makes it so" and this too is said in buddhism that to study buddhism is to study yourself and to study yourself is to study your min…

The new revival! My new world in RIM

As I came with my luggage and the beddings I saw a man standing at the hostel door with a list. I checked it and there was my name next to the topper and I was placed in room # 101 thats a nice number though.I saw other two in the same room but I knew them all any way. Some six miles south of Thimphu town, here is my heaven for that matter the dream place for every aspiring graduate. This is the place where I need to pull up the remaining portion of the socks, buckle up my loose belts, gain necessary skills and values to face civil service reality. The place for fine tuning my worth.
No sooner I passed out from the college, I thought now my opportunity of formal learning is done with, but now as I enter the class room in RIM I think it is not. I thought my college days are long gone and gone forever. College days have planted the most poigmant of memories in my days so far. That was the most ideal time of my life. Ideal in the sense that I have nobody to say what I must do and what I m…

GNH the buzz word and my say!

The mind treasure of the 4th dragon king, the ultimate quest of the mankind, happiness is the bottomline of human existence. This profound topic has originated from the wisdom and contemplation our beloved majesty Jigme Singye wangchuck in his endeavor to serve the people of Bhutan. Happiness was a baseline of human desire since time immemorial, however to use this as a yard stick of measurement for progress has first originated within the cranium of this rare leader. Happiness is one amongst myriad feelings and emotions that mankind is characterised with.This is a productive and beneficial emotion which will add value to achievements and reduce the burden of failure.
Since it was first advocated by 4th king as"Gyalyong gakith Pelzom" which roughly transalates into " Happiness and wealth for all in a nation", it has recieved immense response from the international fraternity. David Cameroon and Nickolas Sarkozy expressed their desires to use GNH as their development…