White Lungurs; BCSC results; Thank You note.

I was on my way back to Thimphu from phuentsholing on 28th december, when I saw too many white lungurs on the roadside. I am not an orthodox and usually I dont believe in most of the superstitions. Since my childhood I heard that when you are on an endeavour If you spot white lungers on your way it is a positive signal that you will be able to accomplish whatever you are going out for. "Pchakar Sampai Doendup" the term that we refer by in Dzongkha. Which roughly translates into "the wishfulfilling white lungur". And this I thought would be the signal for the results that I am awaiting.
That night was a restless night, I had to look out for my ear phone to play music to sleep.
Anxiously as I was making the water offering in the morning, suddenly my mobile buzzed and It was Jigten bro. calling................. And yes I presumed it would be bringing the news of BCSC results and he was askin for my index number "oh congrats bro. you are second in PGDFM category"and I asked about his and he was third in PGDPA category and I gave congrats back. My pulse rate came down, my anxiety subsided hmmm.......... my mind stabilized. But I could'nt believe untill I went to the office and saw it myself, only then I spread the news of my success story to all the stakeholders who have seen me throughout my schooling days in whatever way they could.
Any way getting into top ten was my dream since my high school days. This is not the result of my banking on the eleventh hour preparations. It is the result of years of hardwork and commitment from my own side and lots of input from the most important stakeholders of my existence. It is a DREAM COME TRUE!!!.

If I am at all successful in my academic career I have to be thankful to them. If it is a success story all of us are the authors and If I have  achieved something, we all must share the Glory. If I enumerate all the stakeholders ...
My parents for gifting my soul with this fine and wonderful physical form, for enriching it through periods of my growth, for making my growing environment conducive for the values that I could imbibe, for the support that you rendered whole heartedly and yes I know I cannot repay your generosity and love even in eons of time, only thing that I can do now is just be humbled by what you have done to me.
The torch bearers of my life; the wonderful Gurus whom I cannot thank less. Starting from PP to my graduation too many to count and too heavy to weigh, their contributions. They opened my eyes to the world of knowledge, world of truth, world of facts, world of feelings, meduims of expresion, through love, songs,
sticks and rhymes. Only the scope of my feelings could say well, how much I feel indebted to them. The sticks that struck me in my primary school days and those I despised were now wonderful revelations when I know the motives behind them.
The siblings god forgot to give but sent as friends. My friends are the flowers on my life's lawn. You beautified my life, you supported the causes that I stood for, you encouraged the betterment of the personality that I am right now. You inspired my aspiring mind. You gave me your love, your support, your votes and above all your confidence, that made me feel I am strong and inspired me to move further.
Thanks to the continuing family bonds, my great cousins of shingkhar has been too instrumental in the way they supported to my cause during my school days through to the college. They have been helping me financially and morally. Had it been in Japan, my own brother could have just given a cold smile and would have left to the mercy of my own efforts. Thank god I am a Bhutanese. Who would refuse Bhutan being the last "LIVING SHANGRILA" on earth. 
It is the vision of the great dragon kings to have all Bhutanese educated and with capabilities to see the world from the most broadest of the views, thanks to their visions of which I am a beneficiary. Royal government of Bhutan for this absolutely free education,without which I could have been in the footsteps of my innocent uneducated parents in the fields of shingkhar. Royal University of Bhutan for the comprehensive course frame work without which I would not have broadened the scope of my world view. No where else in the world citizens are fortunate enough to recieve almost everything free.
Today if I am an asset I belong to all the stakeholders, you have played your part. Now it is my duty to repay the dividends. From the commercial sense of the term investments has been bountiful, and the asset has progressed in such a way that now it has reached a breakeven point. Within next nine months or so it will start earning dividends. Now what matters is how much to decare as dividends and how much to retain. These dividends can be both tangible and intangible.
I am like a mute enjoying the taste of the chocolate but disabled to say how sweet it is. Words are too vague to say how much thankful and indebted I am. When heart is full, words are too few!!!  


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