4 years of business studies; looking at the world through the commercial eyes.

Starting 2004 by default I had to take commerce stream. My first option was science and become a doctor as I was good in biology i liked it very much, however I could not because my confidence was shaken when we were the first batch to start the science stream in Jakar. I lost confidence not because I could not do but because the teachers who were to guide us were the ones who were teaching me in my class 9. Then I took the decision myself and dropped to commerce where I felt more comfortable.Ultimately in 2005 when results came out my fears proved right when no one from Jakar managed to secure the many slots for studies abroad and almost all given to science students.
I secured my place in Sherubtse for enrolment in BBA(Bachelors in Busines Administration). Before that I dont exactly remember how I weighed things but now after four years of business studies my world view seems to be totally changed . I introspected myself few days ago and I saw myself most of the time using the commercial Jargons and seem to be looking at  everything through commercial eyes. Commercial eyes doesnt necessarily mean profitting at the cost of others welfare or unethical growth for that matter. Infact I now have a less than perfectly a holistic view from a commercial eyes. Looking at the world from the commercial eyes means making best use of our resources which are limited in supply and achieving the optimum levels.
Most of the time when we talk about business and commercial aspect of things, it so happens that it is regarded lowly, self centred and a greedy job. But I think people seems to have oversighted the depth of the meaning of the term business.But business is both an art and science, social science in the strict sense of the term.Commerce has more than what it takes for a succesful retailer on the norzin lam street in Thimphu. It is not just about huge margins, abnormal profits and sweat shops. It has more than that, entreprenership rewards, normal profits, social responsibility.
It is an art because it is poised for creativity , innovation, beauty, show, sleekiness, and delight especially for the customers. It is a science because it involves measurement, accuracy, calculation, surveys and forecasts. 
When ever situations arise, we have situational analysis, where do we stand in what situaion, who is opposed to us, what roles do we play. When ever a cost is involved we look in to the benefits out of it, in fact we do a cost-benefit analysis, are the benefits above the costs, less than or just equal. This way calculation is inolved, here the persons aptitude with numbers and accurary is tested. Situations of uncertainty and risks looms large for a  business or for that matter in every insuation in life we do not know what will happen next.  An artifical short supply, unexpected price rise, fires, fall of currency values, bear markets, liquid crunches so on and so forth. But we are still not without a weapon we can always perform a what- if - analysis. What if this happens and what if that takes place. What can happen with what probability? This way we can forecast situations next to exact models. Doing business doesnot necessarily mean mundane sinful job but all new set of an artistically scientific experience.
World economy is sustained by the productive capacity of the commercial sector. Imagine the world system without the trade and commerce and the innovation in this sector whether in getting the new products or delivery of hospitable services.
 From my point of view business has now become a completely a dignified field of study. Profits are the rewards for the risks taken or the entrepreneurship struggles, however abnormal profits by exploiting certain sections of the society is ethically wrong. For whatever we do we do it mindfully, being responsible for the wastes we make, caring for the people who work for us, taking responsibility of the environment in which people live and supporting the human and philanthropic causes.
Business social responsibility(BSR), business ethics and accountability are the key areas that the businesses are supposed to reflect upon.
Commercial eyes are a necessary feature for any body who is poised to succed in life. Ths will help you use your resources in the best possible ways with minimum wastage and maximum benefits. Help you in the timely or early fullfillment of the goals and targets, therefore i contend here that commerce is a necessary social science for improving efficiency and effectiveness of the human race... what others say................I say this!!


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