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Marks and Values;The Question of Human Resource Quality!

I quote Bill Gates the Chairman of the Microsoft Inc. one of the most popular faces of the 21st centuryon the face of the planet,"Take away 20 best people from microsoft Inc. and I will say where and how will the condition of microsoft inc. the world renowned IT giant will be" . In any business concern or any country the difference is made by the quality of its people not just by the advantage of location or availablity of  natural resources, therefore human resource is an important issue to be addresed. Reserves of Diamond can be just a mirage and self-imposed slavery if not manned and managed by  capable  and wel informed people. One epitome of such a pathetic situation is the African countries. Parts of Africa is rich in Diamonds but people shed blood to advantage from the use of it. It is very important for Bhutan to rethink human resource,because we are still at a developmental crossroads. We are still at the planning and building stages and if the plan goes wrong and re…

4 years of business studies; looking at the world through the commercial eyes.

Starting 2004 by default I had to take commerce stream. My first option was science and become a doctor as I was good in biology i liked it very much, however I could not because my confidence was shaken when we were the first batch to start the science stream in Jakar. I lost confidence not because I could not do but because the teachers who were to guide us were the ones who were teaching me in my class 9. Then I took the decision myself and dropped to commerce where I felt more comfortable.Ultimately in 2005 when results came out my fears proved right when no one from Jakar managed to secure the many slots for studies abroad and almost all given to science students. I secured my place in Sherubtse for enrolment in BBA(Bachelors in Busines Administration). Before that I dont exactly remember how I weighed things but now after four years of business studies my world view seems to be totally changed . I introspected myself few days ago and I saw myself most of the time using the commer…

White Lungurs; BCSC results; Thank You note.

I was on my way back to Thimphu from phuentsholing on 28th december, when I saw too many white lungurs on the roadside. I am not an orthodox and usually I dont believe in most of the superstitions. Since my childhood I heard that when you are on an endeavour If you spot white lungers on your way it is a positive signal that you will be able to accomplish whatever you are going out for. "Pchakar Sampai Doendup" the term that we refer by in Dzongkha. Which roughly translates into "the wishfulfilling white lungur". And this I thought would be the signal for the results that I am awaiting. That night was a restless night, I had to look out for my ear phone to play music to sleep. Anxiously as I was making the water offering in the morning, suddenly my mobile buzzed and It was Jigten bro. calling................. And yes I presumed it would be bringing the news of BCSC results and he was askin for my index number "oh congrats bro. you are second in PGDFM category&qu…