Same footballer from a different point of view

On wednesday the 15th of december 2010,  I was having a discussion regarding our work with my consultant who is a man in his late 40's. In between our business chat he was asking, ' by the way Namgay you are not staying here after your results(BCSC) mo!! and i said ' yes la thats true'. After a pause he said 'yes you are right, at this time of your career and life you will see civil service as the only best option  and for us also it happened to be the same thing then'.
But you must not turn your blind eyes to the opportunities and the chances of future growth in the corporate and private sector though it is not so promising as of now. He said that with his long experience in the civil service he said  'you will be stagnant' and he was putting a big emphasis when he said that and when i nodded with a half-hearted smile he said' no i am serious'.
And then he shifted back to his own career story, he was talking about his achievements , dissatisfactions and mistakes that he made about the possible positive turning points which he could not capitalise on. He said our career and experience is quite similar to a footbal match. Now i am quite stable about my position in the team and this spirit i was building from ground zero many years back. He said" if i have to opt out to the other sectors i will have to start from the scratch again. Age he said is now against him. Peering out of the lower window he said in a regretful tone had i been lucky enough i would have now a salary quite equal to couple thousand dollars!, i did a quick mental calculation and knew oh it was roughly a hundred thousand ngultrums!
He said that he had his satisfaction to bank on even if he is monetarily not  that successful and i liked that point he said . After all if u dont get satisfaction out of what you have been doing , what  is the point in wasting a precious piece of your life.
He left after a while but this concept of football match caught my fantasy. I pondered a while on this comparison of a carrer path to a footbal match and i could draw a clear picture out of it and appreciation grew in me. Then I thought this is what people mean when they say the word experience. Such a perfect comparison.

Lets discuss my understanding. In a footbal match usually a player start as a bench player having to play very little of big matches and mostly watching. This is similar to a new employee in his probation under the guidance of a senior official having very little stake in critical decisions. By and by a footballer matures he is given more time on the pitch, he learns the skills and techniques. Ultimately with the passage of time he knows the position he is playing, the level of strength that his positions requires and the skills that it demands. He knows who is benind him, and in the frontline to strike. He is also mindful of the opponent, their strength and the particular man he must mark. All in all he is aware of how to play with whom. He is a veteran who knows how to maintain the spirit and hold on like an experienced confident old man in the workplace.
But when the footballer is transfered to an altogether a new club he has to start from the scratch. A new team, a new manager to take orders from, completely a new place, so he has to start afresh. Similar to my consultant's wish to move out from his current comfort zone to a new sector where he must start from level zero!. but that will not be a problem if he has years in his count.

A football match is not just an entertainment on the TV screen on the weekends but a lesson for a life. This is not the end you still have a decision to be made; change your club despite your age and gain new insights or remain in the same comfort zone and perish with the same old skills & tempo, choice is yours!


  1. It is thought provoking. One may have to think it over whether u would like to be a corporate/private/government employee. Corporate employees would say, to be a civil servant is better; and on the other hand, civil servants would advise the graduates not to join the civil servants.
    Anyway, there is no good place for the human beings on this earth. Earth is not a better place to live. One shall have the complaints. One is never happy.

  2. Sherab while i appreciate the compliments that you have for the post that i have made, I think it is all a matter of your own thinking. Shakespear said "Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so". If earth is not a better place to live in then is there any other place in the universe that can support life in the first place let alone being happy!
    Grass looks greener on the other side or our side, however it is important to objectively analyse the situation.

  3. for those people looking for greener pasture, the grass is always green on the other side of the fence. but what is more important here is that many a time the true survivors came out to be those people who knew that they have the potential within themselves to make their grass land greener for themselves.
    to summarize my point, Buddha said -longtime ago that the desires are the main causes of knowing ones limit is important.....

  4. Thank you brother for your wisdom; however desires may not necessarily lead to suffering. What about the desire to get enlightened; If not for this desire the motivation to suffer and get rid of the defilements. If we limit this desire then there may not be enlightened beings. But this is just a food for thought! brother. With these debates we learn to get more wiser at the end of the day!

  5. yes brother, you right on many counts. 'desires may not necessarily lead to suffering'. But having said that the the word 'suffering' and desire in itself is a very subjective term. Desire to get enlightened is something we commoners do not actually desire. And not desiring that desire is also a desire. so this unending circle of desire is a cause of Sorrow.

    having said that what is this called 'sorrow' the definition of sorrow is as wide as the sky and as deep as the pacific......... anyways i am insignificant person to talk on this topic.

    and Namgay i get the feeling that you are rather looking at this topic through your 'business eyes'


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