A Man at a Crossroad with a Blank Sign Post.

Life is a journey! I was repeatedly told since my junior high school days and even now this is reverberating in my mind. Yes, infact it is  a journey with many roads that take you to different destinations. The destination that you reach is the result of the particular path that you decide to tread on. Sometimes you have many roads to choose from and sometimes you dont have the luxury of choice.
It is not a big deal when you have just one path to follow. It is when you have many equally competitive choice of roads, that you you are driven mad. Knowingly  or unknowingly our lives are the product of the decisions that we make at different points in time.
The reason that I am articulating my feelings here is; few days ago I visited one of my friends blog and read an article on the same issue of career choice. I also recieved a comment from a friend saying that east was east and west remained west without a missing link being traced. A civil servant says you will remain stagnant. A corporate employee says work is the order of the day and at the end recognition is marred by nepotism. An employee in the private firm says that you lose your sense of future by working. An entrepreneur says there is no economies of scale in Bhutan.
After a semester out of the college, spending a couple of months in a private business house I have fairly a better understanding of the career path. You must know that work is the order of the day. It is the world where the fittest survives. We must never forget the message that his majesty often used to  give. " Donot fear hardships and dont be reluctant to work" infact he was strongly emphasizing on 200% input that we must make in whatever we do.
The crux of this message is if you have the attitude and dedication, you have the work. Man must maintain his dignity of work and earn. I know that once out of the college with many alternatives, it is difficult to make choices concerning your future and that is undisputedly true.
I think we fairly are the masters of our own fates and captains of our own souls. We are who we are on the basis of what think and we do. The world today is ruled by competition, sometimes unfair competitions but most of them are beyond our control but no harm in blowing the whistle. This competition is a mind game you must be fully aware of the world you are in, most importantly the competitors around. You must strengthen your strength and buckle  up your loose belts. Get out into the arena and play the game mindfully, then you will appreciate the conscious efforts that you have made and feel better even if you lose the battle, after all it is not winning that matters but how you have played matters the most.
I accept the fact that as starters we are exactly the man at the cross road with a blank sign post. There are many competitive choices of which we do not have a complete understanding. But we can always have a fair idea what sort of a job it is and the particular dexterity that it demands.Accordingly we can introspect , search in ourselves. If you have those capacities then why wait?, grap the chance. In the end what you sincerely need is a starting point; a launch pad. Then it is entirely dependant on the values that you have and apply. Sincerity, smartness, integrity,patience and simplicity above all will help you a great deal in your endeavour to succeed in your career. But the man on the crossroads will remain at the cross roads! If he wryly wait for directions to appear on the blank sign post. But still questionable is the way the sign post is read wrongly!


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