How I complete the Day at office

When I first get into my office I check for the spill overs of the previous days. After I get to know that I have none, then I make a check list on a priority basis on my note pad 1......2....3.... in the order of importance and urgency.Think for a while about the works done and works yet to be done.

Then I put on my computer and the room heater because at this time of winter Thimphu is too cold a place to be without a w
armer appliance or the winter garments. I then check my mails. First; update Facebook for a couple of friend requests or for some notifications. Then open other tabs for gmail and yahoo for some official and personal messages, if any.

First thing that I get from my yahoo mail is the "quote for the day" which I have subscribed some time ago. I note it down above the check list within inverted commas and reflect upon it for a while.

For the whole the whole day papers come in and papers go out, printer rolls out few copies file rack takes some and telephone calls churn in  & churn out.

The bottom line for the day is; clear all that comes on the table and those check listed. After doing all the above still If some time and energy is left then reach out for some more.

Sometimes bosses throw more stuff than my clearing capacity, sometimes checklist is longer than I expected and time extends through to the dark. There are times when table had to be left partially cleared, check list half fulfilled and the rest spills over to the next day beyond control. But at the end I learn lessons as to what takes to make a reasonable checklist. How fast or seriously papers has to be cleared and what time to be spent on which matter.Every passing day, I realize how less I know and how much more needs to be known...



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