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Rethinking Procurement; Quality vs Cost

Procurement involves a huge chunk of budget annually. Out of this huge pie 20% goes fruitless. For instance out of 100 million ,20 million is a loss to the government exchequer in a year. What other countries took  centuries we have done in decades. To match this pace of development, procurement is also taking speed.Procurement is a necessary activity for a fast developing economy like ours. We need to develop basic infrastructures by using the imported machineries and technologies. From iron bars to excavators, stationeries to computers all we import ; we produce almost nothing at home. These equipments and machineries are needs not wants. In our endeavor to fast economic development, procurement is inevitable. Procurement is not as simple as we presume it is. If Bhutan has to reap the best out of procurements we have to rethink the whole process of procurement.
Funds are very difficult to come by, we have very thin sheet of internal revenue, therefore there is a grave need to  fruitf…

ICT completing the circle of Modern Bhutanese way of life

Possibly Thomas L. Friedman was right when he wrote the book "The world is Flat". ICT has changed the way people live, the way they communicate, the way they do business. The physical distance is virtually shortened. A man in India does tax filing for another person in USA. An unmanned predator drone in Iraq is monitored from a lab in massachussets. President Obama meets Chinese premier Wen Jiabao over a video conference in his own office space in white house, thus technocrats claim that now our world is reduced to a small global village. This impact is largely felt in Bhutan. Since 1984 there has been unimaginable advancement in ICT. Computers came in 1984, mobile technology in 1999 and internet in the same year. From a handful of IT literate people in the country now we have every other youth of our age netizens. Our generation; we are ICT dependant for almost everything, just imagine life without your black berry, the samsung flat screen TV,  Dell Vostro 3400, the compaq d…

A Man at a Crossroad with a Blank Sign Post.

Life is a journey! I was repeatedly told since my junior high school days and even now this is reverberating in my mind. Yes, infact it is  a journey with many roads that take you to different destinations. The destination that you reach is the result of the particular path that you decide to tread on. Sometimes you have many roads to choose from and sometimes you dont have the luxury of choice. It is not a big deal when you have just one path to follow. It is when you have many equally competitive choice of roads, that you you are driven mad. Knowingly  or unknowingly our lives are the product of the decisions that we make at different points in time. The reason that I am articulating my feelings here is; few days ago I visited one of my friends blog and read an article on the same issue of career choice. I also recieved a comment from a friend saying that east was east and west remained west without a missing link being traced. A civil servant says you will remain stagnant. A corporat…

Natural responsibility; a call of K5 at National Day 103

It was December 17, 2010 morning, I didn't take my shine. As soon as I came out of my bed, I put on the TV and saw that the celebrations were about to start at the historic Changlingmethang. BBS was broadcasting the occasion live!. The first king Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck was recieved with solemn procession, to whom the significance of this day is accredited to.
Then came in the peoples king, fifth Dragon King. I was particularly interested in the substance of the speeches  that he gave and today also I was waiting for this. In his speech he expressed condolences  for the poor souls of the Nepal Air crash and royal support for their surviving families.
He also expressed his satisfaction over the four succesful years of his kingship. He praised the Lyonchens government for the excellent job of succesfully implementing the 10th plan. As usual he offered prayers for his long life and gratitude to the living legend the 4th king for his 34 year long reign characterised by economic prosp…

Same footballer from a different point of view

On wednesday the 15th of december 2010,  I was having a discussion regarding our work with my consultant who is a man in his late 40's. In between our business chat he was asking, ' by the way Namgay you are not staying here after your results(BCSC) mo!! and i said ' yes la thats true'. After a pause he said 'yes you are right, at this time of your career and life you will see civil service as the only best option  and for us also it happened to be the same thing then'. But you must not turn your blind eyes to the opportunities and the chances of future growth in the corporate and private sector though it is not so promising as of now. He said that with his long experience in the civil service he said  'you will be stagnant' and he was putting a big emphasis when he said that and when i nodded with a half-hearted smile he said' no i am serious'. And then he shifted back to his own career story, he was talking about his achievements , dissatisfact…

How I complete the Day at office

When I first get into my office I check for the spill overs of the previous days. After I get to know that I have none, then I make a check list on a priority basis on my note pad 1......2....3.... in the order of importance and urgency.Think for a while about the works done and works yet to be done.
Then I put on my computer and the room heater because at this time of winter Thimphu is too cold a place to be without a w armer appliance or the winter garments. I then check my mails. First; update Facebook for a couple of friend requests or for some notifications. Then open other tabs for gmail and yahoo for some official and personal messages, if any.

First thing that I get from my yahoo mail is the "quote for the day" which I have subscribed some time ago. I note it down above the check list within inverted commas and reflect upon it for a while.

For the whole the whole day papers come in and papers go out, printer rolls out few copies file rack takes some and telephone calls…